Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a designated car wash area on site?
Unfortunately, we do not allow residents to wash their vehicles on site.
What is Package Concierge?
Package Concierge is an automated parcel locker system. Upon closing/move in you will receive an email and/or text message notification to set up your Package Concierge account. There is a ONE TIME $20.00 registration fee for each adult. Children can be added as dependents at no charge. When a package is put in the locker you will receive a notification via email or text. To retrieve your package, you will need to enter your username and pin. Locker will open automatically.
Does Building Management sign for certified mail?
Management will not be able to sign for certified mail. If the recipient is not home to sign for certified mail then USPS will take it back to the post office where it can pick it up.
How do I make amenity room reservations?
All room reservations can be made through our NABR website. Upon closing/move in you will receive a registration email to set your account up. There you will see the different amenities and availability on the calendar.
Is it possible to purchase additional keys or FOBs?
Yes, each additional building FOB and parking FOB can be purchased for $100.00. Checks can be made payable to Avalon Commercial LLC CTA. Owners are responsible to making any additional unit and mail keys.
Where is the pool?
The pool can be access through the gym or through the side door by the laundry room. Follow to the path past the playground and you will come to the pool gate.
What is the cost to use the washer and dryer on the 1st floor?
Each cycle is $2.00 for the washer and dryer. The machines take quarters (no quarter machine on site) or you can download the PayRange app which allows you to load your account with a credit card and then it shows you which machines are available. You can pay via the app, make your selections on the machine and then start the cycle.
Where do my guests/visitors park? Is overnight parking allowed?
When pulling into the parking garage, guest parking is to the left of resident parking entrance. All stalls are designated for guests/visitors except those with “reserved” sign. All guests/visitors are required to sign in at front desk with the unit they are visiting, name, vehicle information, time in and time out. If you have a guest/visitor parking overnight please obtain a overnight parking pass from the Management Office.
Is there a place to store my surfboard and/or bike?
Yes, the surfboard storage room is located on the 1st floor at the end of guest parking area. Please register your surfboard with Management Office to obtain a key for access. Bike racks are located in the same area and can also be registered with Management.
Are we allowed to bring our dog to the great lawn area?
Animals are not allowed in amenity rooms, pool or great lawn UNLESS they are a service animal or emotional support animal. Please make sure your animal is wearing necessary vest, badge, tags or you have documentation if you plan on bringing them to an amenity room, great lawn, etc.
What can we bring our groceries in with?
We have 2 bellhop carts available in the lobby by the front desk, as well as 2 shopping carts on each floor of the parking garage. They are first come first serve. We do as that all residents be considerate of other residents who may need to use carts. Please do not hold onto them in your unit or leave them in the hallways. Carts are not to be used for moving furniture.
I am expecting some furniture to be delivered. How do I go about reserving the moving room and elevator?
Please email Building Manager, Sydney Jung, at [email protected] Moving room and elevator reservations are a 4 hour max.
Is there WiFi in the common areas?
Yes, there is. WiFi name is 7000WiFi and password is: 7000hawkai
How can I pay my maintenance fees? Is there a way to do it online and make automatic payments?
There are 2 ways to pay for your maintenance fees. 1) You can mail a check to the address in the top right-hand corner of your statement. 2) You can make payments online and set up autopayments via Appfolio. Upon closing you should have received a portal activation from Appfolio where you can set up automatic payment, submit work order, etc. If you have not received the portal activation please email [email protected].
Where do my maintenance fees go to?
Condominium living allows many owners and residents to pool resources to use and maintain amenities they could not afford on their own. This covers expenses for things such as the club room, elevators, the pool, movie room and other common areas. It is the obligation of every owner in a condominium to timely cover their portion of common expenses regardless of their personal usage.

Sometimes, big unexpected expenses occur that the association could not or did not prepare for. Residents in condominiums should be made aware that these could result in large, unusual special assessments. Pay attention to the amounts in your association’s reserve fund and the upkeep of the property.

Is there any kind of preventative maintenance for the AC units?
We generally recommend that you check your filters every few weeks. This depends on the frequency you are using the AC units, if you have pets, etc. If you use the AC units regularly for an extended duration of time and/or have pets we highly recommend checking at least weekly to check on the condition of your filters. To clean your filters, simply use warm water and hand soap (if desired) to rinse the filters. Make sure to let them dry completely before putting back.
How do I set up my Hawaiian Electric and Minol accounts?
You can set your Hawaiian Electric account up online or by phone. You can visit their website or call (808) 548-7311 Monday-Friday between 7:30am-6:00pm. You will need to provide your address and your closing date which is when the account should be transferred to your account. Your Minol account for water & sewer will be set up by Management upon closing. Billing is done the 1st week of every month so depending on your closing date it may be a month before you get your bill. In order to set up your account with Minol you will need to wait for the hard copy of the bill to be mailed to you which has your account number and activation code required to set up your online account with them.
What are the moving elevator and unit front door dimensions?
The moving elevator dimensions are: height 9’9”, depth 5’5 and 9/16”, width 7’5 and 9/16”. Unit front door dimensions are 34 ½”x 83”
Where is the recycle room? Is there a place I can put bulky items?
To get to the recycle room, make a right out of the main entrance doors and walk to the last set of double doors. In there is a green bin where recyclables can be placed. Please note that all cardboard boxes must be broken down. Plastic bags are not to be placed in recycle bin as they do not count as a “recyclable item.” There is no bulky item drop off on property. You can make an appointment through the City and County of Honolulu ( for bulky item pick up but they may require it to be brought out to the street sidewalk. There is a fine for any bulky items left on property.
How do I submit a work order for a service warranty item?
Service Warranty claims should be directed to Site Manager. Please email Sydney Jung ([email protected]) with your request or you can also submit via Appfolio. Please be certain that the warranty claim falls under the executed Service Warranty Agreement Addendum.
Who is the managing agent?
Avalon Commercial is the Managing Agent for Hale Ka Lae and Hale Manu. Sydney Jung is the Site Manager and she can be reached at (808) 395-2109 from 10am to 7pm Tuesday through Saturday. In the event of an actual after-hours emergency please call (808) 369-1411. Sunday and Monday are her days off. Sydney’s email address is [email protected]
How can I get involved in Condominium Governance?

Generally, at least once a year, the AOUO will hold an association meeting. All owners will be notified and attendance and participation is high recommended. The annual meeting typically includes board member elections and removal, proposed amendments to the declaration or bylaws, the managing agent contract, roll over of association funds, or other important actions that will affect the future of the community.

In addition to the association meeting, there are several other ways owners can get involved in their condominium community.

The owners are represented by an elected board of directors. Thus, owners should familiarize themselves with the qualifications of prospective board members, and vote accordingly. Board members are volunteers, and the quality of the board members varies widely.